A Spin On The Classics: The Birkenstock Kyoto Collection

A Spin On The Classics: The Birkenstock Kyoto Collection

Birkenstock proves the constant relevance of its collection



If I’m being completely honest, I haven’t been the type to wear sandals anywhere in years. Like a lot of people my age (yikes), I’ve fallen far down the rabbit hole of casual sneakers that make up most of my footwear choices. Office? Sneakers. Events? If I can get away with it, sneakers. Grocery runs, nights out, watching the movies? Sneakers. 


But things in my friend group have changed because we’ve all come to realize that there are other options that provide the same (if not more) comfort and ease—and I’ve been seeing Birkenstock pairs almost everywhere I go. 


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Recently, Birkenstock relaunched its KYOTO collection, which might not be what comes to mind when you hear the brand’s name. It’s minimalist but remains a statement piece for any outfit, whether you’re running to the nearest drugstore or hanging out with some close friends.



The KYOTO collection is unique due to its athletics-inspired upper textile canvas, made adjustable by a Nubuck hook and loop closure that’s made from natural leather. If that’s too technical, hear this: more coverage, better comfort. Of course, the collection still carries the anatomically shaped cork-latex footbed that has become synonymous with the brand.


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The KYOTO pieces are also available in upper suede leather, with the Desert Suede and Bright Suede & Nubuck designed for men and women, respectively—with the key differentiator being the colorways. The Desert Suede is available in Midnight and Stone Coin, while the Bright Suede & Nubuck come in Bold Green and Clay. But hey, we aren’t the type to box anyone based on colors. Mix it up!



Here’s the short of it: Birkenstock offers classics without anyone having to sacrifice their own personal style choices. There are so many variants to choose from, and even the different designs come available in different fabrics and materials. The one unifying factor that each Birkenstock pair has? That classic sole that has—no questions asked—been tried, tested and approved by generations.



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The Birkenstock KYOTO collection is available in all stores in the Philippines. 



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