Concert Drip: All Our Favorite ‘Fits from BLACKPINK in Manila

Concert Drip: All Our Favorite ‘Fits from BLACKPINK in Manila

All the typa fits we love to see!



Whether it’s a music festival or a concert, I’ve always been in awe of those who put extra effort into creating cute ‘fits. Ones that would land them on the “Best Dressed” list if someone was keeping tabs coupled with the best glam—complete with Euphoria-style rhinestones, graphic liner and hair styled to perfection. So when the news about BLACKPINK taking over the Philippine Arena broke out, I assumed that BLINKs in attendance would follow the Pinks in their fashion icon footsteps. Safe to say, I was far from disappointed.


Up ahead, we recap a handful of our favorite outfits from BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK in Manila:




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A post shared by mimiyuuuh (@mimiyuuuh)


Long-time K-pop fan and certified BLINK Mimiyuuuh pulled up in one of the best outfits. Dressed in a black-and-pink ensemble, Your L0c4l J3J3qHorl channeled her inner BP member. The creator stays loyal to the girls’ brands, sporting a cropped adidas jumpsuit paired with layered jeans accented by some sick graffiti. Shoutout to the bejeweled makeup look that completes the entire outfit—and that’s a slay from Mimiyuuuh.


Check out how Mimiyuuuh’s concert experience went on YouTube.


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Cassy Legaspi


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A post shared by CASSY LEGASPI (@cassy)


Bonafide BLINK Cassy Legaspi also shut down day one dressed in a jacket, trading hot pink hues for a shiny, baby pink material. The accent also lies in the bejeweled fringe hanging around, giving us major Lovesick Girls vibes. We definitely can’t miss out on her adorable pigtails—a nod to Jennie, Jisoo, Rose and Lisa.


Risha Rodriguez


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A post shared by Risha Rodriguez (@risharodriguez)


TikTok creator Risha Rodriguez might have caught our attention thanks to her concert packing TikTok, but we are all eyes on her outfit. Coquette meets some edge as she pairs her pink statement skirt with all-white everything: a strappy lace top, leg warmers (*chefs kiss*) and foolproof sneakers. As it turns out, she’s channeling her inner Jennie to match with her Lisa-biased best friend and they nailed it!


Rhea Bue-Ong


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A post shared by RHEA BUE-ONG (@iamrheabue)


Rhea Bue-Ong’s BLACKPINK in Manila concert outfit gives us major Jennie-The-Human-Chanel vibes. She dons an all-white ensemble highlighted by off-white ribbons (up to the updo)! And when the arena got chilly, she completed the look with a tweed jacket. Jennie would definitely approve!


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Jeanette Ong


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A post shared by Jeanette (@itsjeanetteong)


For FashionTok creator Jeanette Ong, merch is at the center of a concert outfit. Comfort meets style with her combination of a BLACKPINK hoodie, pleated tennis skirt and chunky white boots. If anything, this simple but effective outfit is memorable. Plus, she could blend in with the Pinks when they do the encore.


David Guison


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A post shared by (@davidguison)


If there’s one thing we like about creative fans, it's that they bring merch everyone wants to wear. For David Guison, he reps his BLINK spirit with The Label’s BLACKPINK bootleg vintage tee, paired with brown trousers, Nike Dunks and a silver chain.


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Apart from bringing the world a night to remember and Filipino BLINKs getting Boombayah for the encore, everyone’s comfort and drip were immaculate. It’s not impossible that their Manila stop would land on BLACKPINK’s Born Pink Memories!



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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