We’ve Found a Face Mask That Won’t Let Your Lipstick Go to Waste

We’ve Found a Face Mask That Won’t Let Your Lipstick Go to Waste

The Jelli M1 mask if safe, comfortable and lipstick-friendly



It’s a small inconvenience, but our lipstick collections have been rotting away for far too long in this pandemic. One can only take so many selfies at home, and most of us can’t help but feel that our makeup deserves more justice. However, with masks set as the norm for the foreseeable future, it seems it will be quite some time before that justice is served. Again, a small inconvenience, but valid nonetheless. 


The Jelli M1, a mask designed to help the world see our smiles again, fixes that problem. Designed with a solid and transparent front panel, this Kickstarter-funded mask doesn't press against the face like surgical or cloth masks do. It holds its form, keeping lip makeup undeterred while displaying the smiles we’ve been hiding for a good year and a half. Two birds, one stone.


The idea is simple, yet smart enough to land funding in just 10 days. Currently, the Jelli M1 is sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Curious to know if the mask is as good as it sounds on paper, I took the Jelli M1 mask for a spin.


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The Jelli M1 mask comes in three colorways: sleek Arctic, pastel pink Cherry and deep Midnight. Being the lightest and most understated of the three, Arctic was my color of choice.


We've Found a Face Mask That Won't Let Your Lipstick Go to Waste Upon receiving the mask, a little assembly is required. Along with every Jelli M1 mask comes an elastic strap and a box of mask filters. Simply move the strap locks around until you’re comfortable, securely insert the strap into the mask’s grooves and you’ll be good to go.

At first wear, I immediately noticed that the mask looked much better than the transparent KN94 masks I’ve been seeing around. It sits nicely on the face, suction-like sides keeping the mask held down securely. While the mask is definitely bulky, it doesn’t look comical—I’d elect to say it looks cool in a futuristic, Zenon-esque kind of way.


There’s more to the Jelli M1 mask than just aesthetics, of course. For one, it’s a reusable investment that can last you years—an eco-friendly alternative to disposable masks. 


With a protective bubble around the lower half of your face, it becomes much easier to breathe. My usual gripe with masks (especially when I use a surgical mask under a cloth one!) is that they slightly expand and deflate when I breathe. When the surgical mask presses up against my face, it becomes hard to breathe. Those issues don’t exist with the Jelli M1.


The Jelli M1 also has an anti-fog feature, which I’ve discovered is a favorite among their customers. True enough, even through temperature changes and my constant talking, there was no fogging in sight.


In terms of safety, the Jelli M1 also trumps the N95, KN95 and KF94 masks, among others. With a particle filtration efficiency of 97% or more (other masks have a PFE of 94 to 95%).


For all the comfort and safety it provides, I’ve got to admit that the Jelli M1 mask still has some minor improvements to make. The straps, which are relatively easy to configure, seem to struggle holding the mask up. I looked through photos online to ensure I was wearing the mask right, but no matter how I positioned or angled the straps, they still seemed to make my small ears fold over with the mask’s weight. 


Speaking of straps, this mask’s straps go behind the head instead of behind the ears. If you have a hairstyle to protect, this might be a dealbreaker.


At the end of the day, I conducted the ultimate test: checking for makeup transfer. Because of the silicone seals that keep the edges of the mask in place, quite a lot of my base was picked up.

We've Found a Face Mask That Won't Let Your Lipstick Go to Waste


I wear the same makeup under surgical and cloth masks, and the transfer is minimal at best. However, it’s understandable, considering how snugly the Jelli M1 fits against the face.


In these times, more than anything else, I value knowing that I have a tried and tested mask that helps me breathe easy. The lip exposure is but a bonus for me and the makeup I miss wearing. If you’ve spent all pandemic long trying to find a mask that ticks these boxes, you may have just found your match. 


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Grin and bear it with the Jelli M1 mask. The transparent anti-fog mask retails for P1,200. Shop it online via Shopee, Lazada or the Jelli M1 website.


Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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