Easy Breezy Beauty: False Eyelashes

Easy Breezy Beauty: False Eyelashes

Look put together with the least amount of time and effort? Count me in



In a time where face masks and virtual meetings are the norm, sometimes putting on a full face makes very little sense to me. My beauty routine is often pretty basic: brows groomed and gelled in place, lashes curled and lips stained with tinted balm. But my eyes and ears are always open to any beauty product or service marketed as “easy to use or apply,” “long lasting” and sometimes, “semi-permanent.” Basically, I’m down for anything that will help me look put together with the least amount of time and effort. 


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And just in time for the holidays (and the new year!), we were reintroduced to false eyelashes by Luxx Lash, which one of our resident beauty girls tried and tested last year (let her tell you why she may never need lash extensions or a manicure again). Luxx is known for their chemical-free lashes that are lightweight, longwearing and, best of all, sweatproof. Whether you prefer them wispy, like the Kardashians or long, look-at-me lashes, Luxx offers a variety of lengths and styles to choose from.


Luxx Magnetic Lashes

The Magnetic Lashes, as the name implies, are reusable magnetic lashes. If you’re new at this like myself (not that I was ever a pro at glue-and-lash application), it may take several tries and a lot of patience to succeed. But with enough practice, I imagine one can easily click the top and bottom lashes in place and with no damage done to your eye makeup. 


Luxx Liner Adhesive and Lash Duo

The Luxx Liner Adhesive and Lash Duo is exactly what I was looking for. It’s beginner-friendly and requires no more than a steady hand to apply the adhesive liner. Once set, just press on the lashes, which you can reuse for up to 30 times. Foolproof and fuss-free, this takes my vote for easy, breezy beauty.




So whatever type of beauty girl you are, there’s no doubt a pair of false lashes can come in handy. It’s for days when you need a little pick-me-up (read: everyday meetings) or want to zhuzh up your look (for those holiday parties over Zoom or IRL!).



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