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The Forever 21 Everlast Collection Is For The Fighter In You


March 15, 2022
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Alexa, play “Girlfight”



Have you ever seen the movie Girlfight? It was one of the few female-led (directed by Karyn Kusama, starred by Michelle Rodriguez) films of the 00s. It may not have made it to mainstream pop culture, but it tells an important story—a then-uncommon coming of age tale for young women. Girlfight follows a troubled teenager who decides to channel her aggression and train to become a boxer. But despite the disapproval of many, the female protagonist emerges victorious. This includes Kusama and Rodriguez in real life, who both won numerous awards for their praise-worthy direction and performance. It was also through that movie that I learned it was okay to not fit into society’s mold.


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But life happens and we sometimes forget that it’s okay to not do what everybody else is doing. Thankfully, the same life finds a way to remind us of what we’ve lost. This time, and just in time for women’s month, our prompt comes in the form of a collaboration between Forever 21 and Everlast. Featuring real female fighters Mia Kang and Tais Sa, as well as other athletes and body activists, this collection is made for the Girlfight(er) in you. Whether you just want to chill and look good doing so, or try a new sport or workout, there’s something for every girl out there. What you can expect to see: iconographic styles on boxing shorts, satin robes and other athletic pieces in classic black, white and gray, and, of course, symbolic pink.


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The Forever 21 Everlast Collection Is For The Fighter In You

The Forever 21 Everlast Collection Is For The Fighter In You

Forever 21 Women's Active Everlast Embroidered Sweatpants

Forever 21 Women's Active Everlast Sleeveless Hoodie



So, which fighter outfit will it be?


The Forever 21 Everlast collection is now available on Shopee. Click to view and shop the collection.



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