Show This To Your Stylist: 4 Haircuts To Try In 2021

Show This To Your Stylist: 4 Haircuts To Try In 2021

Haircuts that say, bold and so ready for change!



To say the year that the internet says didn’t happen was a tough one is a huge understatement. We were scared, we cried, we grieved our losses, we got angry, and we cried some more. But on the flip side, it was the same year that forced us to take a long hard look in the mirror, to slow down and, for some, to get creative. And get creative with our hands we did.


In the beauty and grooming department, we skipped the professional trim and color, and did what we could ourselves. (Well, I didn’t because with my symmetry obsession, I’ll likely end up shaving my whole head.) I’ve seen the full spectrum of hair triumphs and fails, from a teammate who gave herself cute, sparse bangs to a family member who attempted an undercut. Spoiler on the latter, that came out crooked and patchy.


The lesson: DIY is not for everyone and when it comes to haircuts, they’re best left at the deft hands of the experts! So just in case you’re planning a trip to see your stylist (just don’t forget to observe COVID protocols and to tip generously if you can), here are haircuts to try that say, bold and so ready for change!



Shaggy, baby

Think mullet but with cropped layers and more texture. It’s a look all the cool-girls ought to try.


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Bang, bang

2021’s bangs take inspiration from the 60s; cut straight across with the tips grazing the eyelashes. Paired with soft layers, the result will give you instant but subtle bombshell vibes.


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Extremely short

Take your cue from Halsey or Jordan Alexander (the singer-actress stars in the Gossip Girl reboot, which comes out this year!) and go extremely short.


But if you’re not ready for the big chop, a pixie will tide you over until you’re ready.


A classic short

A cut that will stand the test of time? A classic bob. Asymmetrical, blunt and straight or with bangs, this cut will just need you to see your stylist more often.



Not ready to head out? No shame in growing your hair out. Just make sure to give it and your scalp TLC to prevent stress-induced hair loss, dryness and flaking. Tips from the experts right this way. Or if you’re looking for DIY hair care, we gotchu, too.



Art Matthew Fetalver

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