Happy Skin and Marj Maroket Release Essentials for Your Makeup Arsenal

Happy Skin and Marj Maroket Release Essentials for Your Makeup Arsenal

Happy Skin x Marj Maroket: a seven-piece collection featuring multi-use makeup brushes for seamless application



Many Filipino beauty enthusiasts grew up with Happy Skin, having vivid memories of the homegrown, skin-caring makeup brand. For me, the gateway was the brand’s bestselling chubby crayon-like lip products, which I finished to the last bit. (I even remember the shade color—The Morning After. I felt like quite the rebel.) All my friends, even those who barely used makeup, had one in their arsenal. Then, as a beauty girl in media in my late 20s, I remember attending my very first event for the brand, a slumber party-themed launch featuring the beloved Disney Collection.


For Marj Maroket, being a loyal user of Happy Skin paved the way for a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. The TikTok star and brand have recently launched seven essential makeup tools, highlighting multi-use makeup brushes that precisely suit Marj’s preferences and standards.



Trust me, the foundation of every great makeup look is the tools you use. You can have high-performing, costly makeup, but without the right tools, you won’t be able to maximize your products. I mean it! And these are long-term purchases, so it’s a must to invest in the right pieces. 


The seven-piece brush collection includes the Buffing Brush, Foundation Brush, All-Around Powder Brush, Cream Cheek Brush, Setting Brush, Concealer Brush and All-Around Blender. These products are beautifully crafted to apply product, whether it’s powder, cream or liquid, to the face for impeccable coverage and a seamless finish. Marj shares, “They are a long-term purchase, so it’s important to invest in well-made brushes with handles that won’t break and bristles that won’t shed.” 


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In an exclusive one-on-one, Marj talks to Wonder about her Happy Skin journey and her meticulously made release. 


Wonder: Do you remember your first Happy Skin memory? Care to share the very first item you tried from the brand?

Marj: Their Shut Up and Kiss Me lippie was the first product I tried, and it was many years back—loved that! When I started creating beauty content though, the first Happy Skin PR I received was their second skin cushion foundation!


W: This collection prides itself in being multi-use, and we love it! Why a makeup brush collection and why with Happy Skin? 

M: Thank you! Brushes really are supposed to be versatile because we have different techniques when it comes to applying makeup. Before this collaboration, I already knew that if I were to come out with a product, it would be brushes. I’m particular with the tools I use so I wanted a set that could do it all for me. There aren’t a lot of [locally-branded] tools yet here, too,  so I thought that was a good opportunity to create something of high quality that would be accessible [to] Filipinos. 


Choosing to work with Happy Skin just made sense because I like how they position themselves in the market and their quality is just top-notch. Working with their team was such a breeze, too!


W: When you were creating the brushes with the team behind Happy Skin, what kind of consumer were you thinking of? A newbie? A beauty enthusiast? A makeup professional?

M: I was thinking of everyone! Everyone who uses makeup, at least. But it was really important to make sure that it was beginner-friendly, too!



W: Can you give us a behind-the-scenes on the creative process behind your collaboration?

M: It took the first half of the year for everything—from conceptualizing to making it available for purchase. I was involved 100% of the time, and it was a lot of back and forth with the Happy Skin team. Lots of revisions, yes! I loved everything about it and in another life, I would probably be in product development for a beauty brand.


W: Sky’s the limit, what kind of product do you dream of creating in the future?

M: I have a few in mind, so maybe just wait and see?


Shop the Happy Skin x Marj Maroket collaboration online via Lazada and Shopee. 



Photos Happy Skin

Art Matthew Ian Fetlaver

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