Welcome to the IMMA Universe: IMMA’s New LN Series Reimagines Denim

Welcome to the IMMA Universe: IMMA’s New LN Series Reimagines Denim

Imma Colarina’s eponymous label reintroduces itself with a new collection and a preview of exciting things to come


Since showing at Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival in 2017, we’ve had reason to keep an eye out for designer Imma Colarina. The Benilde alum’s grad show collection just months before her PMFF debut revealed not only uninhibited talent but also a unique point of view. She has since held sustained interest: making a strong first impression with her “Filipiniana menswear” and showcasing range with custom creations for the likes of Mimiyuuuh and her occasional collaboration with friends and fellow designers Abraham Guardian and Mamuro Oki of Ha.Mu.


In 2021, Colarina is firmly planting her roots. With ready-to-wear in mind this time, she has reintroduced her brand IMMA with a tightly edited capsule called LN Series. Six pairs of denim trousers. Silhouettes reworked. Construction thoughtfully reimagined.



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Speaking about her brand, Colarina shared: “IMMA bends traditional clothesmaking to realize the limitless possibilities. The namesake brand’s objective is to produce designs that challenge what is categorized as normal and as weird.”


Looking at the LN Series, tailoring and fabric manipulation are clearly two of Colarina’s strong suits. The smaller, intricate parts always make up a whole that’s crisp and streamlined. As with the Luna, the Paper Jeans, the Slide: there’s a sense of familiarity with these pieces as far as denim is concerned. But this eventually gives way to this designer’s unconventional construction choices that make the familiar brand-new again; take the Two-Tier Jeans, the Pease Porridge Jeans and the Pyramid.


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As for the other pieces featured in the LN Series lookbook (those cropped tops have our attention), we do have questions. Is this a preview of the next IMMA series to come? We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, shop IMMA’s LN Series here. You can also follow IMMA on Instagram for the latest.


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Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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