Try Out These Romantic V-Day Looks from your Favorite K-Idols

Try Out These Romantic V-Day Looks from your Favorite K-Idols

Going out on Valentine’s Day? Take inspo from our K-pop world faves



We’re counting down the hours until Valentine’s Day. And if you’re part of the population of people yet to go on a date, you still have time to canvas for romantic makeup looks. Luckily for us fans deep in the ocean of K-pop, inspiration is always abundant wherever, whenever. From magazine covers to signature makeup looks to teaser photos that leave us stunned, we’ll never run out of things to check out in the beauty world. 


Up ahead, we list down a couple of K-idols whose makeup you can try for your V-Day celebrations.


The rockstar girlfriend: Lisa of BLACKPINK


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Looking for an edgier look this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. Lisa’s look for Madame Figaro Paris with BVLGARI offers major inspo. Armed with a fur coat, cut-out bodysuit and denim shorts, the worldwide sensation fully embodied the grungy Rockstar Girlfriend aesthetic. Begin your look with a matte base, keeping the contour subtle as you go. Next, line your upper eyelid with a barely-there cat eye before using a pencil liner to tightline. Finally, offset the heavy eye situation with a mauvy or baby pink lippie so your date won’t be able to take their eyes off you.


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Sugar, spice and everything nice: Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM


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Chaewon’s makeup for LE SSERAFIM’s Antifragile era has become the hottest look to try in the K-beauty world. First, apply a peachy orange shade on the eyelids with a light hand and blend in a light brown shadow by the outer corners. Instead of a natural line, puppy eyeliner—essentially an inverted cat eye—helps give the illusion of bigger and rounder eyes. Use a bold-colored liner for that extra oomph! Don’t forget to draw some aegyo-sal (that roll of skin right underneath your eyes that frame your eye lids) for that extra touch of cute. 


Blush placement is key to nailing Chaewon’s signature look, so always be conscious of how you blend the product. First, apply cream or liquid blush close to the bottom of the eyes, starting from the center and working outward to the highest point of your cheekbone. Next, blend the product upward, almost combining the eyeshadow with the blush. Finally, finish the look by dusting highlighter on the higher points of your face and applying a blurred lip. Just like Chaewon, stay Antifragile for the rest of the date.


Blushy vampire: Soobin of Tomorrow X Together


Can’t get enough of under-eye blush makeup looks? We got you. Tomorrow X Together’s Temptation era brings us a new set of looks, which makes us envious. Leader Soobin’s immaculate flush from their Lullaby concept photos has us in awe. Don’t forget to begin with a luminous base, which can easily be achieved by mixing cream highlighter or an illuminator with a base product for that soft and delicate finish.


For the main event, apply a warm pink-colored blush all over the lids and under the eye. Next, use a darker shade to trace the water line and aegyo-sal area for some emphasis. Moving on to blush, use the first color on your cheeks and nose bridge. Focus the blush on the upper part of your face, so avoid going beyond the center and bottom of your cheeks. Next, ditch the eyeliner and, instead, generously dust highlighter or a shimmer shade on the eyelids, cheekbones and nose bridge. Finally, finish off with an MLBB lip for that naturally flushed effect.


Berry, berry bedazzled: Wonyoung of IVE


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No one knows romantic makeup better like South Korea’s favorite It-Girl, Wonyoung of IVE, whose signature look focuses on piling glitter and sparkles. After going in with your base and contour, go around the eyes with a pink-orange shade. Don’t forget to go under the eye and along your aegyo-sal. Next, apply liquid glitter from the eye's inner corner until the lid's middle. Remember to keep the product within that vicinity because, according to makeup creator Jooshica, letting the glitter reach the outer corner will make your eyes look unintentionally puffy. Finally, add glitter at the bottom corner of your eyes for extra spice.


For your blush, apply from the middle of your cheek, going upward, blending it towards the eyes. Again, keep the product only by the middle of your cheeks for that glowy look. Finish it with a berry-red blurred lip for a berry sweet look this Valentine’s Day.


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Poppy love: Yoon of STAYC


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In case you haven’t noticed yet, K-beauty loves adding a pop of color on the eyes. But STAYC’s teaser photos for Teddy Bear take it to the next level. Our star for Valentine’s Day is member Yoon, whose poppy pink look for their Together concept checks all our boxes. Instead of going to town all over the lid, trace a cat-eye shape on the upper eyelid using a glittery magenta shade. Next, swipe the same color on the bottom lash line and connect it to the top. With a dark brown or black liner, apply the thinnest line with a light flick of the wrist. Don’t be afraid to mess it up a bit. You can always clean it with a cotton bud and some makeup remover.


TBH, the scene-stealers in this look are Yoon’s bright pink bottom lashes. For those blessed in that department, go in with colored mascara after curling. Once effectively coated, gently press a couple of lashes together with tweezers for that full manhua or manga lash look. But if you need the extra help of false lashes, we recommend applying individual lashes to space it all out evenly.


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Our final tip: don’t forget to start all of these with religious skin prep and a clean base.


Did we miss any looks that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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