Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

In the Y2K world, Posh and Becks are fashion royalty



In my six-year relationship, I have held onto two unbreakable pillars that make a solid foundation for long-lasting love: mutual support and a similar sense of style. And it seems like this formula is backed up by some big names in pop culture history—case in point, the Beckhams. 


If you haven’t seen the Beckham documentary yet, the iconic couple shares anecdotes of how much they supported each other in their careers at the early stages of their relationship. As Victoria was on a world tour with the Spice Girls and David was playing football season after season, he still found time to drive for hours just to visit Victoria for a few minutes (literally couple goals!). As pop culture icons, Victoria and David weren’t just spectacles for their stardom romance but also for their elevated sense of style that took the Y2K world by storm. Ahead, we revisit some of the most standout looks from the hottest couple of the 90s!


A dazzling number

The best match for some champagne


Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

David and Victoria Beckham on a night out in London as newlyweds, 1999


All you need is one standout piece to turn black denim into a major style moment; take it from David’s silk bandana and Victoria’s metallic halter top—a toast-worthy outfit combo for the lovebirds! 



A tasteful amount of grunge never hurt anybody


Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

David and Victoria Beckham at the Cannes Red Carpet, 2001


An all-black look easily brings some grunge to any outfit, especially when you match it with deep V-cut necklines, midriffs on display and cross necklaces. Not to mention the daring mix of fabrics that made David’s look one for the books!


Beige aesthetic

And a quick baby Brooklyn moment


Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

David, Brooklyn and Victoria Beckham strolling down Cheshire, England, 2001


Leave it to David and Victoria to turn a muted color combination into a showstopping look. With Victoria’s choice of a chunky gold-plated belt with gold thong heels to match and the couple’s tastefully paired rimless shades, they’re a spectacle on the streets! And, of course, baby Brooklyn's outfit color combo fits brilliantly to tie the whole picture-perfect look together.


A look sent from above

Angels in the form of pop culture legends


Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

David and Victoria Beckham at the MTV Video Music Awards, 2003


Looking like angelic bodies, David and Victoria pull up to their first MTV Video Music Awards in LA in matching all-white ensembles. Perfectly balanced with their signature combination of deep V-neck and high-slit silhouettes, these outfits have gone down in history as one of the best couple looks to have graced the VMA carpet. 


Punk rock

Dark lace croquette meets maximalist jewelry


David and Victoria Beckham at the 19 Management’s 19th Anniversary Party, Royal Albert Hall, London, 2004


You must admit that this is a jaw-dropping look that’s likely all over Pinterest mood boards this year. From Victoria’s beautiful asymmetrical lace-up dress to David’s maximalist choice of layering his necklaces, the red carpet was not ready for the sheer gravity this moment offered to the fashion world. 


Cutouts galore

A statement way ahead of its time


Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

David and Victoria Beckham have a paparazzi moment, 2001


The 90s and early 00s were the beginning, but cutouts are practically a given in 2023. So to see Victoria in what can only be called the most daring pair of white pants (in this photo collection, at least) is a testament to the glory she held as a fashion icon in the early 2000s—not to mention David’s clean button-up moment in beige that complements his lover’s standout look.


Leather all the way, baby

Elevated matchy moment



David and Victoria Beckham in a Versace party, 1999


No, this is not a movie set; this is real life! David and Victoria grace a Versace event in a groundbreaking leather combo fit for the big screen. 


Dunecore meets newspaper boy

But make it chic


Posh and Becks: Revisiting Their Iconic Y2K Style

David and Victoria Beckham arriving in style for the 63rd Venice Film Festival in Venice, Italy, 2006


It can’t just be us who envision Zendaya in Dune wearing a dress like Victoria’s. Now, what if she were to fall in love with a 90s newspaper boy in the streets of New York? Before we continue writing that fan fiction novel, let’s take a moment to appreciate the perfect contrast in David and Victoria’s looks, which come together in a perfectly complementary color-coded dream. May Dune girl and newspaper boy live happily ever after. 


Which one was your favorite Posh and Becks look?



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Macky Arquilla

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