Quarantine Beauty Trends: Of Ungroomed Brows and Long, Long Hair


December 18, 2020
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Beauty trends that are here to stay 



Quarantine has forced us to take a different approach to our daily routines. Having no access to clinics and salons has birthed a new wave of acceptance for who we are—and when no one is looking. Being cooped up at home over the past nine months has forced us to explore self-care on our own. We’ve taken “No-Shave November” to a whole new level with long, long hair and untamed brows.


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Take a look at which celebs hopped on quarantine’s biggest beauty trends:



Locks for Days

From at-home dyeing sessions to disastrous haircuts, many of us have decided that it’s probably best to stay away from impulsive decisions we won’t be able to fix. The lockdown has catalyzed some major creative breakthroughs but unless you know exactly what you’re doing, try your best to stay away from the pair of scissors on your desk.


Nadine Lustre and Julia Barretto show us that it's okay to grow your hair out. Embrace your long locks, and make sure to experiment with different hairstyles for your Zoom meetings.



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Ungroomed brows

To pluck or not to pluck? That’s the question. How about we leave them be for the meantime. Since we’re all in isolation, no one will be able to judge our brows. Now’s the perfect time to grow them out! Once the lockdown is over, you and your esthetician get a clean slate.



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Bare Face—Texture and All

Even our favorite celebrities have ditched the glam for raw uploads of their makeup-free skin. Skincare has been favored over makeup amidst the pandemic, but mask acne persists. Nevertheless, we want to see your unfiltered skin! After all this year has put us through, authenticity and empathy are what we need to see more of.



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This year has been filled with lessons and collective awakenings to show us how appreciative we should be of even the mundane and, most importantly, ourselves. Although this pandemic may take a while to go away, let’s hope that our new normal way of thinking will remain even when all this is over. 



Words Marga Sibug

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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