Master The Brushed-up Brow Trend with Sace Lady


January 12, 2022
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Achieve that off-duty model look with Shopee Beauty’s Sace Lady



New year, new brows! Need a foolproof and transfer-proof brow routine that only takes a few minutes? Achieve the brushed-up brow trend for a natural, off-duty model look with Sace Lady, available on Shopee Beauty. 


Sace Lady Waterproof Tinted Brow Gel (P159)



The TikTok-approved eyebrow gel has been a cult favorite for many beauty enthusiasts for years. Fill and thicken your brows with this waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof product, which lasts for up to 24 hours. Choose from Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black Brown, Dark Grey, Brunette and Blonde.  


How to use: Create the base of your eyebrow with an angled flat brush. Fill your brows with light upward strokes using the product to get a natural, individual hair effect. Use a brow brush to lightly blend and soften the color for a more polished look. 


Shop the Sace Lady Tinted Brow Gel on Shopee. 


Sace Lady Brow Styling Gel (P99)



Achieve groomed, natural-looking brows that stay put the entire day with Sace Lady’s bestselling Brow Styling Gel. The eyebrow soap-like product gives you fuller brows, and goes on without any sticky residue. Use the product before an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help set your brow makeup, no need for a reapplication! 


How to use: Dip the eyebrow brush with water, or simply mist a spoolie. Brush the eyebrow soap with a slightly damp brush head. Repeat the combing of the eyebrow hairs and let it set. 


Shop the Sace Brow Styling Gel on Shopee. 


Discover more of Sace Lady’s bestselling products only on Shopee Beauty. 


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