A Wonder Special Series: Doracrybaby

A Wonder Special Series: Doracrybaby

Getting reacquainted with content creator Dora Dorado (AKA Doracrybaby)



“Booked and busy.” Dora Dorado is quick on the draw when asked about how his June is shaping up. So far, he has gotten to work on campaigns with the likes of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach, renew major partnerships with brands like vivo, take on a special Pride Week radio show on Magic 89.9 and land projects with companies that he only once dreamed of collaborating with.


Booked and busy seems to be an understatement. But the 25-year-old content creator (better known as Doracrybaby everywhere on the internet) hints that there’s still so much more to do.


On the personal end, he admits he’s coming to terms with a version of the quarter-life crisis, an experience made even more surreal by the pandemic. “Diba this is the prime of your life where you should be out doing things, achieving things you want to achieve, meeting people?” shares Dora. “Tapos, biglang…wenk wonk. You’re just at home.”


Mulling over––and laughing his way through––the existential dread, Dora still returns, of course, to what’s crucial. He doesn’t lose sight of the fact that being “blessed, highly favored, and thriving” has to do with privilege. “I get to do what I do because I’m privileged enough to enjoy these things,” he says. “I’m safe and healthy, so as much as I talk about the year that could have been, I’m not complaining.” He quickly adds, laughing: “Siguro my mantra for 2021 is: ‘Not complaining!’ Booked, busy…and not complaining.”


A Wonder Special Series: Doracrybaby


For a content creator that’s done the full monty—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Kumu––what’s next for Doracrybaby? In talking about what he has his sights set on in the six months left in the year, content creation is paired with a personal win. He excitedly brings up law school.


“A big milestone for me is getting into law school because I didn’t really expect to pass,” says Dora. “I mean, I’ve been out of school for almost two years.” For the time being, it appears more like a personal undertaking, but law school still somehow connects to his plans as a content creator. “One of the big, driving factors behind applying to law school is that as well-studied as my opinions can be, I’m still just a regular citizen with regular resources when it comes to knowledge about politics,” he explains. “So I want to get that hardware and that backbone of putting more power into my words and my thoughts. It’s going to be different studying the law and forming an opinion around it.”


A content creator to continue to watch? Definitely. And ahead, an opportunity to zoom in closer to learn what makes the day-to-day of Doracrybaby.

Wonder: Describe your childhood. What was “home” to you then?

Dora: Home to me then was here at my family home, spending time together, eating meals together, and doing activities together. Family time has always been an important value in our family.

W: What is “home” to you now?

D: Home to me now is still the same just with some added members. Of course, when you grow older, you meet new people that you consider family as well. I have friends who are already part of the family and I find home in their company as well.


A Wonder Special Series: Doracrybaby

W: What is a day in your life like? At what specific moments do you get your phone out to take a snapshot of what’s happening?

D: A day in my life is actually still very exciting. I have activities to do every day. It does come from a privileged point of view that being stuck at home hasn’t really been a problem for me. Because even after college, pre-pandemic, I never [had to apply] for an office job. I worked from home as an artist, so the transition really wasn’t big.


I take my phone out first thing in the morning, and I send a snap story through, lol. I capture the most random moments, and I send them to my friends or I post them on IG. I don’t curate my feed, so whatever goes!

W: Why do you feel the need to record these moments of your life?

D: I find importance in recording moments because I like looking back at things and reliving memories. And sharing moments and memories with other people is really an intimate activity.


W: How would you describe the type of content you push out for the public? What message or feeling are you trying to portray/give?

D: I guess by now, the people who follow me on the internet know that I really am an all-around person, a jack-of-all-trades. And for me, the message I want to say online is that if you live in your own world, there’s no competition. Just march to the beat of your own drum and the people who resonate will come to you.



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W: Do you ever have moments when you just quiet down and think about how far you’ve come? Would you say you’re proud of where you’ve taken your life?

D: Yes! Every single day of my life. It’s funny because I’m living my 25th year, quarter-life crisis as they call it. but when I look back, I actually asked for this life when I was in college and I’m pretty damn proud of who I’ve become.

W: June is about Pride & Independence. What do these two themes mean to you this month and all year long?

D: June is Pride Month––but to me, it’s something I live through every day. If I can positively affect one single LGBTQIA+ youth through my life’s work, then it’s all worth it.

W: If you could label your favorite selfie pose, what would you call it? Why do you love to use the vivo V21 series for moments that just demand a selfie?

D: I would call my selfies “real.” And sometimes with other camera phones, the distortion is crazy; the images don’t match with the mirror. But with the new vivo V21, I can capture reality as I imagine it to be.


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Where content creators are a dime a dozen, Doracrybaby has secured a unique space for himself: making social commentary entertaining (and even politics less intimidating), getting real about boy beauty and overall just using his platform for good.


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Photography Miguel Alomajan

Art Director Ryan Conrad Bautista

Art Alexandra Lara

Styling Ryuji Shiomitsu

Makeup Kirt Dinaliso

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