Let’s start things nice and easy: Be honest about your internet behavior. Which kind of person are you on social media?

Your thoughts on this photo?

From Asleep to Insomniac, How Woke Are You? @Da1nOnlyCMart on Twitter

Fill this in: I believe social media is a great way to ____________.

You see this on your timeline: Scarlett Johansson’s out to play an Asian movie character again. Your reaction?

Which best describes your reaction to an influencer who accidentally exposes himself as a bigot online?

Uh-oh, there’s Twitter beef brewing and you want to give someone a piece of your mind. What do you tweet?

You just learned about a protest! People are mobilizing to defend a marginalized group you care about. What do you do?

In your opinion, can the personal and the political ever be separated?

How would you respond to a person in the public eye who defends his wrongdoings?

Select what makes most sense to you: What’s the point of activism if it isn’t ____________?

Quiz: From Asleep to Insomniac, How Woke Are You?
Is woke-ish a word? That’s pretty much where you stand.

You’re living in the sweet spot between dreaming (of what and how the world should be) and waking up (to the bleak reality that the world can be unkind, unfair and unruly). You’re beginning to be critical of the latter, asking the right questions and looking in the right places for them. Don’t fret: that’s a good thing. Your heart’s in the right place, so give yourself snaps for taking the initiative to learn what you can and build on what you already know.
You’re the wokest of them all. (Wait, is that always a good thing?)

You don’t have to label yourself as “woke” (in fact you likely cringe at the thought of doing so), but if push comes to shove, you have no problem wearing your social awareness like a badge of honor. All you’re doing anyway is what you feel is an obligation to society: to use your voice, your platform and your privilege for good. If anything, anyone would be lucky to have you in their corner. The world could use more empowered, impassioned people like you, too. At the same time, though, be wary: you’re coming very close to becoming the kind of woke that’s short-fused, hard to please and always just ready to fight. Woke? Great. Resorting to stoking every dumpster fire you come across on the internet? Now, that’s just toxic behavior. It’s okay to stand down sometimes and to stay in your lane. Remember: the real battles are won offline anyway.
Stay woke and prosper.

No need to get woke if you stay woke, eh? You’ve got a good head on your shoulders that keeps your desire for social justice in check. More than feeling for people who don’t get to enjoy the privileges you do, you know how important it is to empathize. You also know to check yourself and your wokeness before it runs away from you. (It’s far too easy for someone to parade as woke but merely need a place to funnel their frustrations into.) That’s not your problem, though. So keep the fire alive, keep fighting the good fight, carry on and prosper.
Someone’s fast asleep! Enjoying the nap, are we?

No shade, but consider yourself lucky to have the privilege not to be bothered by the things happening around you (either that, or perhaps nearly not bothered enough). It’s understandable if you want to keep yourself out of stressful situations. You might just be the “life’s too short,” “pick your battles” or heck, “not my battle, not my problem” type of person. That’s one way to simplify. But now, the choice is yours: knowing that a reasonable amount of personal investment in social issues doesn’t hurt, do you feel compelled to start caring?

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