Keep The Internet Safe with Google and Ben&Ben

Keep The Internet Safe with Google and Ben&Ben

Ben&Ben remind us of our responsibility with “Mag-ingat”



The significant shift towards digital lifestyles has been a long time coming, but its process got sped up when the world tried to cope with the pandemic. After all, it’s fast, convenient and contactless. We can reach different places, or get our hands on new items with just a click. But as we continue to rely heavily on the digital sphere for almost everything, many dangers begin to rise. We’ve all received shady job offers and phishing scams online. Meanwhile, some even experience threats with catfishers, scammers, and misinformation on a deeper level. To combat these forms of abuse online, and to remind us of our joint obligations as digital citizens, Google recruits the help of Ben&Ben (Article about them) for Mag-ingat. The advocacy single doubles as a warning and encouragement for users when they tread the digital sphere.


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Ben&Ben packages the advocacy through cheeky and fun instrumental and straightforward lyrics, showing listeners that the cause isn’t as daunting as it appears. In an exclusive press event, the band shares that they had fun while writing the song. Check their Instagram here. Each instrument has a space to speak throughout the instrumental, and the lyrics aim to connect with many. Miguel expresses, “With Mag-ingat, we wanted to use our music to spread awareness on such a timely and important issue—because all of us are responsible for making sure that the internet is a safe and positive space for everyone.”


Mag-ingat doesn’t only reiterate the threats we’ve seen online. But rather, the track empowers everyone to take tangible steps towards staying safe. Countercheck sources, be wary of the strangers you meet and be careful when shopping online. As much as individuals with ulterior motives inhabit the internet, we also have the power to keep ourselves, each other and our data protected.



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Aside from the earworm jingle in partnership with Ben&Ben, Google also approaches this call holistically. The Head of Communications and Public Affairs of Google Philippines, Mervin Wenke, expresses, “Internet safety is so important to Google. Beyond tools, products, and policies that enable us to help people stay safe online, we deepen our local partnerships to promote digital responsibility.” The platform continues to encourage the implementation of two-step verification processes and regular security checks. They also launch and supports different campaigns. Other efforts include the Be Internet Awesome with the Department of Education and the support for Teach Peace Build Peace Movement’s Cyberpeace project. 


A secure experience online starts with us. So, together with Google and Ben&Ben, let’s encourage everyone around us to be careful on the internet.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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