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Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter?

Because the average Filipino male is 4.3 inches



Put a Filipino anywhere in the East and he will stick out like a sore thumb. His skin color, his eyes and his height will give it all away. Among the Caucasians of the world, his head will (on average) reach shorter—and we aren’t just talking head-to-toe.


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The average Filipino male is 4.3 inches. To put things into perspective, Australian’s tend to be about 6.1, Germans stand erect at 5.6 and Japanese men are at a solid 5 inches. On the other end of the stick are the Thai men, who generally stiffen up to 3.7 inches. So are the Filipino boys at the shorter end of the stick? Well, to put it bluntly, the answer yes.


But in the bedroom (and anywhere else that we’re legally allowed to have sex), does size really matter? Does being bigger make it easier to pleasure partners?


I’m a man and I say it doesn’t matter

In a pool of experienced and straight Filipino men, only one out of five said that size matters. His simple reason? It gives women more pleasure. The others, on the other hand, reasoned that size doesn’t matter because 1) foreplay, 2) there are plenty of positions to explore that doesn’t require a longer shaft and 3) it matters more how long a man lasts as opposed to how long he actually is.


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All fair points, but let’s see what the girls have to say.


I’m a woman and I say size does matter

Surprisingly or not, four out of five women did say that size matters. And their reasons, of course, are legitimate, too: 1) Longer gives more pleasure and 2) It’s important to know what you can take and what you can’t.


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So what’s the truth? Does size really matter? It’s hard to ignore experience, but it’s harder to ignore science (and a larger sample size).


Here’s the truth

The two most sexually sensitive areas for women are the G-Spot and the clitoris. If you didn’t pay attention in high school (or to your girlfriends), these areas are well within reach and are easily aroused. The G-pot is only one-third up inside the vaginal barrel, so even smaller men can get to it without a problem.


And even if you can’t get it naturally, there are ways around this. There are condoms that give the illusion of a fuller penis and there are latex or rubber rings as well. Not one for something you have to pay for? Then, by all means, practice the art of oral and manual sex.


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When it comes to sexually satisfying a woman, there are more things to consider than just size and reach. But if you’re lazy in bed and think all it takes is a little thrusting, then of course women will say size matters—because they have nothing else to base it on.


Do yourself and Filipinas everywhere a favor and don’t be that guy.



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