People Describe Their First/Best/Worst Kiss

People Describe Their First/Best/Worst Kiss

Do you remember yours?


Most of us can’t get enough of kisses. We like them in movie theaters, in bed, while walking and even at random moments littered throughout the day—and who can blame us? Kisses are sweet, comforting and have this unique ability of helping us feel secure. And if they’re well within reach, hardly anything can stop us from having them.


Oh, just in case there’s any confusion, we’re talking about these kinds of kisses:


People Describe Their First/Best/Worst Kiss People Describe Their First/Best/Worst Kiss


And these types of kisses:

People Describe Their First/Best/Worst Kiss People Describe Their First/Best/Worst Kiss


Everyone on board? Great.


So we asked people to share some of their most memorable kissing experiences and it got pretty entertaining. There was excitement to relay the stories but there was a hint of embarrassment in reliving them, too. Some of them were a little hesitant and some of them were very—very­—willing to give us all the little details.


Are you ready?




It was sloppy and involved a cigarette; I was in first year high school, I think, and I was dating someone in his late teens lol. He taught me how to French kiss and how to shotgun—there was just too much tongue. It was a little gross. –Mrs.


I can’t remember… –K


I don’t know until now who my first kiss was since I was blindfolded that time. –Em


It was during high school and this girl was from a different school so we didn't really see each other much. I was courting her for like a year and we went out on a date. As I dropped her off, we looked eye to eye then she stole a kiss from me, telling me that there would be a lot more because we were officially a couple. –D



It happened in a theater and I was so shy (but I thought I was being cool) that I asked for permission before it happened! –L


Very sweet. I was half asleep and got woken up by a little kiss. –A


It was back in kindergarten. After buying ice cream with a classmate, we kissed in the playground. Hahaha it looked like a scene from Little Rascals. –C




He was a looker and we’ve been together for 7 years now  –C


Omg there were so many bad ones I can’t remember the good –Mrs.


My (current) boyfriend had just admitted that he liked me; I said I wasn't sure I was ready and he said he would wait. As the conversation wound down, he held my face and kissed me goodnight. When I felt butterflies in my stomach, I knew we should be together –B


My wife teasing me –J


I was in college and I had this friend whom I was starting to have feelings for. He had kissed me one time before and we knew we had something. We talked about where it was leading to…my boundaries, his boundaries, our wants in life. I was such a mature conversation and we ended up finally saying that we loved each other.


He brought me home, we went inside the house and made sure everybody was asleep. Then he kissed me with so much passion, made out on our sofa for around 10-ish minutes. We ended up orgasming without doing anything down there… –A


The kind of kiss that makes you forget that the rest of the world exists –K


It was all the stuff that those cheesy movies are made of –A




It was like fireworks, intense. Hard to top that. The buildup was crazy. I literally charged towards her the moment I closed the door –R


I was with her in my car and we were at a stoplight when we kissed. It wasn’t this over-the-top-amazing thing, but sparks were flying. The next thing we knew, the light was green and we were holding up traffic. We laughed it off but it was still a tad embarrassing –M


I think my best kiss was when my ex and I were about to break up because of family issues. It was bittersweet because we both knew that it was the last so we made the moment count –D




Probably the time I kissed a girl who was seeing someone else at the time. It wasn’t a horrible kiss, but it caused a lot of trouble –M


Drunk with vomit residue –K


There were braces and biting involved –C


I was out on a date with a guy and I wasn't sure if I liked him yet. I was leaning on his motorbike and closed my eyes for a second—and he suddenly kissed me. The thing is, I felt violated since I didn't see it coming at all –B




We were both going for the lower lip, so our heads kept on moving down, which was weird –R


It was with this guy I dated briefly. It had been a while since I last kissed someone, so I was very awkward about it. As we were going in for the kiss, I stopped halfway and told him I forgot how to do it. He got annoyed and said “Tsk, ‘wag na nga!” and then he told me to get out of the car so he could go home –A


Puke saliva all over my face! Sloppy is an understatement… –A


So, how was your first/best/worst kiss?



Art Alexandra Lara


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