Take Financial Control and Grow Your Money with Komo by EastWest


June 20, 2022
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Skip the lines and bank with a mobile service by EastWest that gives you control over your life



One thing’s for sure: the pandemic has highlighted our need for digital banking. Trustworthy and ever dependable e-wallets have become a godsend as we continue adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape. Gone are the days when forgetting cash brings us unwanted anxiety; we can now conveniently pay for our necessities with just a few taps on our smartphones.  


With EastWest’s digital banking service, Komo, you can have financial control even when you’re on-the-go. This time-saving solution bridges traditional and digital features of a bank, but can easily fit in the palm of your hand.  


Skip the lines and bank with a mobile service that gives you control over your life. Manage, grow, and save your money with Komo, powered by EastWest. With easy-to-use features & tools, it can help you build money management habits, setting you up for total control not only of your time but also your finances.



Skip the lines, the forms and the hassle! The fully digital platform is always available whenever and wherever you need it. Open an account for free within minutes with just one valid ID, the Komo app and a stable internet connection!



Build solid management habits with easy-to-use tools like Analytics and Personal Finance that helps you track your expenses, gain insights from your cash flows, and visualize your savings goals progress.



Revenge traveling soon? You never have to experience being cashless while on vacation. Each Komo account comes with a free VISA debit card that enables you to do cashless transactions and lets you withdraw for free nationwide. That’s one less thing to worry about! 


On top of that, you can also generate your own authorized bank certificate, which allows you to apply for visa applications without visiting your branch.



Still need more convincing? Komo offers you the opportunity to build your own insurance plan. With just a few taps, you can get comprehensive protection that meets your lifestyle and your budget, for as low as P428 per year!


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Kontrol mo ang pera mo (You control your money) with Komo by EastWest, making banking convenient and hassle-free, whenever and wherever you are. 


You’re all set, download the Komo app for free on your iOS or Android device now!



Art Macky Arquilla

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