You Heard It Right; NoKal Is Back!

You Heard It Right; NoKal Is Back!

NoKal may look different, but it feels pretty damn familiar



Before the pandemic, Poblacion was a hotspot for people wanting to wash themselves of their 9-to-5 selves. The city can be tough—and life even tougher—and Poblacion was the place to let out some steam. It’s been a few months since those places of respite reopened, but today we’re celebrating the return of one of our favorites: NoKal.


NoKal is now located at Basement 1, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City


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NoKal is now located at Basement 1, Makati Cinema Square, Makati City. Sure, it’s not Poblacion, but it offers the same exact feel—with better parking.


Inspired by New York (NoKal stands for North Kalayaan, rolling off the tongue much like SoCal and SanFo), it’s a place to get lost in music, drink, food and company. “We’ve always been a safe place to go to,” says co-founder and managing director, Marco Viray. “I think the culture that we promote is one that expresses peace, love and responsibility.”


There’s a reason why people kept coming back and why people were thrilled at the return, and it’s this: NoKal has always been more than a place to just go and drink and dance and converse. It’s always offered a feeling of community; somewhere you’d inevitably make new friends to safety share a drink with. It's a place you don't mind coming back to weeks on end.



NoKal doesn’t just have a new address and a new look, they’re offering new cocktails (please do yourself a favor and try the Studio 54 or the Electric Room) with their classic food options (burger and fries or the wings and tits, please). Everything looks new, but it all feels pretty damn familiar.


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If you’re still looking for that (almost) post-pandemic spot to hit and make your regular, maybe there’s a reason for that. Even after all the bar hopping, cocktails, beers and bar chow, it just isn’t right. Maybe it’s because you’ve been looking for that familiar feeling—the one where you know you’re going to have a great night—that nothing else but NoKal can offer.



NoKal is officially open to the public, from Wednesday to Saturday, 8PM to 5AM. For reservations, venue rentals and guest list bookings, hit them up at 09171395178.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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