Still Here, Still Reeling: What You Missed at Wanderland The Comeback

Still Here, Still Reeling: What You Missed at Wanderland The Comeback

Mentally, we’re still in Wanderland



If one were to attempt to describe Wanderland: The Comeback in one word, it would probably take all day. I, for one, would probably sound like that one Lady Gaga meme: “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique—” you get the picture. So despite some discomforts that are part and parcel of going to a music festival, the March 4 to 5 weekend was nothing but non-stop fun. After all, everything is worth it once our favorites grace the stage. 


But leave it to Karpos Multimedia to make it an affair that celebrates creativity. Wanderartists Alaga, Faith De Leos, Amiel Rivera and Wika Nadera created live murals while eager festivalgoers got to paint a large wooden sign right across. Sponsor booths with equally creative games, offers and challenges kept us cool and entertained. At the same time, the Art Market highlighted small businesses like Litol Buddy and TELAstory in collaboration with ( ( ( O ) ) )’s The Sundrop Garden. Every corner of The Filinvest City Events Grounds was filled with fun things to do, so a dull weekend was never an option for the people at Wanderland.



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Up ahead, we recap our favorite moments from Wanderland: The Comeback.


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Blaster and The Celestial Klowns land


Wonder cover star for October 2022, Blaster, made his Wanderland debut with The Celestial Klowns. Performing songs off his debut album, My Kosmik Island Disk, the singer showed that he’s definitely a stellar performer. As a surprise, he also included the recently viral IV of Spades classic Come Inside of My Heart with a twinkling Blaster twist. It made our afternoon a lot more high-spirited.


Balming Tiger, Sogumm and the moshpit


It’s no secret that South Korean supergroup and music collective Balming Tiger knows how to throw a party on stage. Present for Wanderland: The Comeback were frontman Omega Sapien, Mudd the Student, seoulthesoloist, bj wnjn, San Yawn and vocalist Sogumm. They performed group hits like Sexy Nukim (featuring RM of BTS), Trust Yourself and Kolo Kolo But the best song on the set undoubtedly goes to the group performance of Pop The Tag where they led an intense mosh pit. Easily one of the unforgettable moments from Wanderland: The Comeback.


Raveena’s joyfully ethereal set


Wanderland: The Comeback was filled with international artists performing in the Philippines for the first time ever, including the ethereal singer-songwriter Raveena Aurora. Lucky Wanderers got to hear her acclaimed hits like If Only, Still Dreaming and songs from Asha’s Awakening, such as Kathy Left 4 Kathmandu and Kismet. Of course, Raveena also took the opportunity to introduce her culture and roots to the crowd by serenading the audience with a cover of Asha Bhosle’s Dum Maro Dum. Everyone watched, sang, danced and enjoyed with her leading the way.


Fun fact: after pooling for local makeup artists to glam her up for Wanderland, Raveena tapped Jia Achacruz to get her prepped and (ethereally) pretty for her set. 


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Carly Rae Jepsen taking us to church


It’s no secret that apart from Dashboard Confessional, Phoenix and Arctic Monkeys, Wanderers made it a point to watch Wanderland: The Comeback for Carly Rae Jepsen. The Loneliest Time singer graced the main stage and closed out day one with a bang. Of course, she threw in some classics like Call Me Maybe and Run Away With Me much to everyone’s joy. The biggest surprise, however, comes to form with her rare performance of the well-loved Your Type. Imagine hearing that and then seeing her close the set with Cut To The Feeling while wielding a sword (that just so happened to match her glittery blue outfit). 


P.S. It’s true that she glows on stage—all devices had to lower their brightness levels when recording the one and only Carly Rae Jepsen.


Rico Blanco unites everyone with music


Rivermaya OG and OPM legend Rico Blanco took over the Globe stage at Wanderland: The Comeback. Seeing the entire crowd (and everyone who could hear his set, TBH) sing along to Umuulan, Umaaraw and Elesi made it seem like it hasn’t been years since the songs first came out. His entire set definitely proves why he’s revered as an icon in the local music scene. Closing his set with Your Universe definitely made it the most magical thing ever—even receiving a shoutout from Dashboard Confessional.


FKJ and ( ( ( O ) ) ) vibe out together


This isn’t FKJ (French Kiwi Juice)’s first rodeo with Wanderland’s loyal Wanderers, but his own comeback has long been overdue. Performing another magnetic set for the crowds of people watching, the multi-instrumentalist brought his songs from V I N C E N T to life, all underscored by a beautiful visual backdrop. As an extra treat for the crowd, ( ( ( O ) ) ) joined the musician for their hit song, Vibin’ Out, after her refreshing solo set the previous evening. These artists are already unbelievable on their own, but having them both onstage is a different experience altogether.


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A throwback sesh with Dashboard Confessional


There are three types of people who went to Wanderland: The Comeback: those who went for Carly, people who went for Phoenix and Dashboard Confessional fans who waited over a decade for their return. But as the long-standing rock band played onstage, everyone was united through their music. Whether it was Screaming Infidelities, Stolen or Vindicated, everyone present screamed and sang their hearts out. Music really has the power to unite people whatever age, demographic or preference.


Dancing the night away with Phoenix


To close out Wanderland: The Comeback’s weekend, headliners Phoenix kick their sets off with the addictive Lisztomania. Almost the entire field area facing the Wanderland stage was filled with people screaming the song lyrics, whether they were timeless favorites like Love Like A Sunset or new tracks from Alpha Zulu. After closing their headlining set with 1901, frontman Thomas Mars crowd surfed and gave those closest to the barricades an experience to remember. How does one recover from that, even? You watch your favorite band IRL, dance and sing along to an immaculate set and help him navigate the crowd he just jumped on? Mad props to those who got to experience this and live to tell the tale.


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Not to sound weird and cliché, but the comeback was definitely real and worth the wait. So thank you, Wanderland: The Comeback; we already can't wait for the next!



Special Thanks Karpos Multimedia

Banner Photo Aram Lascano

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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