Fashion Trend Report: 2024 Is the Year of Scream-Out-Loud Style

Fashion Trend Report: 2024 Is the Year of Scream-Out-Loud Style

2024’s hottest fashion trends definitely do not go gentle into that good night



Can you hear it? If you listen closely, change is in the air—style-wise, at least. As 2024 commences and we officially enter the mid-2020s, this decade’s style credo is becoming more crystal-clear than ever. While the normcore minimalism of the 2010s encouraged us to streamline the way we dress and keep things a little more casual (consider the rise of athleisure, monochrome looks and the pervasiveness of Uniqlo), the 2020s is all about grabbing attention and putting together an eye-popping fit that will turn heads.


What matters now is impact: Think closet staples designed to be as far from basic as possible, outfits composed of pieces paired for maximum incongruence, and a fun, devil-may-care approach to styling. Maybe it’s how thrifting culture made individuality a more pressing style consideration, or how the rise of TikTok made us crave fashion moments that leap off the smartphone screen. But one thing’s for sure: 2024 is all about fully leaning into a whimsical, exuberant style that demands a second look.


The runways don’t lie: For the 2024 spring collections, designers sent out looks that radiate off-beat individuality and confident main-character energy. Ahead, check out this year’s top 10 fashion trends that can bring your personal style into a louder, more assertive direction.


Lush texture


This year, yassify your wardrobe with fluffy pieces that titillate the tactile senses. On the runways this spring, the three Fs are officially in: feathers, fur and frills. Not only do they add a ton of visual interest to your look, but the lush textures of this trend add a whimsical touch to an otherwise basic outfit. Is it the most practical trend? Probably not—but it is a lot of fun.


Girlhood core


We wonder: Is Greta Gerwig’s Barbie responsible for all the bows we see on all the coquette girlies everywhere today? Whatever the reason, being unabashedly feminine and girly is so back right now, it’s not even funny. From Sandy Liang to Miu Miu, the key to mastering this trend lies in understanding the implicit irony behind it: that there is power behind embracing your femininity, and wearing a schoolgirl skirt or a pink hair bow doesn’t diminish and can even amplify your power.


Red, red, red


While Peach Fuzz may officially be Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024, one hue remained dominant across all of the Spring 2024 runways: red. And we’re not surprised either—you’d be hard-pressed to find another color more declarative and that demands more attention. Use it to enliven up an otherwise plain ensemble, and remember to wear it with a whopping dose of confidence.


Sheer whites


Interestingly enough, while fashion is heading in a punchier direction this year, it is also flirting with the angelic. One of the standout shows in Milan for Spring 2024 was Prada's, where models floated down the runway in diaphanous gossamer dresses for a beautiful ethereal effect. Other designers like Brandon Maxwell and Acne Studios have similar showings, perfect for the girl who sometimes just wants to feel like a wood nymph.


The Wrong Shoe Theory


Real fashionistas know that the “Wrong Shoe Theory” has been around for the last few months. But just a quick refresher: the idea is that pairing a shoe that purposefully clashes with your outfit can make it more visually interesting and cooler. So why not pair your worn-in vintage jeans with Givenchy’s delicate mesh-covered pumps, or wear a soft silk dress with Coperni’s massive rubber knee-high boots?


Inventive accessorizing


By now, we all have a trusty rotation of everyday jewelry pieces to zhuzh up our look. But consider refreshing that collection with a few baubles that are anything but basic: Dolce and Gabbana and Willy Chavarria both showed big rosette brooches in their Spring 2024 collections, while Schiaparelli’s gold surrealist pieces scream luxury in the most offbeat way. And for a quick nostalgia trip, why not wear one of Diesel’s kitschy charm bracelets?


Applique galore


Get ready to familiarize yourself with your cleaners this 2024, because several of the season’s hottest looks are dry-clean only. Applique is back y’all, from Marni’s sculptural cocktail dresses featuring steel roses and butterflies that jut out, to Mugler’s wispy antenna-like trims that lend an air of mysticism to an evening gown.


High waists


Y2K may be a dominant trend this decade that won’t be going anywhere any time soon. But while low-rise pants are here to stay, this year, reconsider the return of the high-waist pant. At Loewe, the high waist reaches clownish proportions in the best way possible, while Issey Miyake shows streamlined trousers that elongates the leg to supermodel levels.


Short shorts


Yup, you heard that right: hot pants are officially back, so pull a Daisy Duke and put on those itty-bitty shorts. You have a wellspring of inspiration at the Spring 2024 runways: Sabato de Sarno’s Gucci debut featured several micro-mini shorts paired with sharp tailored blazers, while Isabel Marant took the leggy trend in a much more boho direction.




Shiny silver and gold finishes never really went out of style, but this year, metallics took over the runways and we’re all here for it. It’s an easy way to infuse glamour into your look after all: from Rabanne’s warrior queens in shimmering silver paillettes and chainmail to a full suit rendered in bold crinkly silver at Nina Ricci.


Remember: At the end of the day. personal style reigns supreme, and the important thing is to wear whatever makes you feel best. But consider playing around with any of 2024’s bold, declarative style trends for a much-needed sartorial confidence boost.



Words Jer Capacillo

Art Macky Arquilla


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