So, You Finally Got Your Hair Colored. Here’s How to Make It Last

So, You Finally Got Your Hair Colored. Here’s How to Make It Last

Fight the fade with the Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Color Protect Series



For many individuals, hair color continues to be a driving force for self-expression as more are becoming adventurous when it comes to trying out bold, vibrant hues. With do-it-yourself, semi-permanent formats and formulations readily available, it is more accessible, even for beginners. 


If you’re a (box) dye or bleach virgin, you may have hesitation to submit your hair to a chemical hair dye technique upon hearing myths about it—that’s why we’re here to debunk them, so you can feel at ease. Though there is, of course, inevitable damage when you color hair since it is being altered in a way that it will never completely revert back to its natural virgin state, it’s not a hopeless case. So you can stray out of your comfort zone for an essential upgrade; trust me, it can do so much for your confidence! 



Gone are the days when one needed to pay a hefty sum for repeated salon visits to maintain hair color as beauty brands have continued to innovate and produce hardworking products to easily care for hair at home. 


If you’re a low-maintenance girlie and can’t sneak in an occasional salon visit, your life just got better with Cream Silk’s Triple Keratin Rescue Color Protect Series. 


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Experimenting with bleached or colored hair? Here are hardworking products to maintain and preserve colored hair. Introducing Cream Silk’s Color Protect Series, which protects hair color from fading. It features two sulfate-free variants that has triple keratin formula to deeply nourish hair. Choose from Ultimate Bleach Enhance for bleached hair and Ultimate Color Revive for colored hair. 


Bleaching and coloring hair regularly inevitably damages hair. This is on top of blow-drying, heat styling and UV exposure, which results in keratin loss. On hair that has been repeatedly colored and weakened due to chemical exposure, sulfates will most definitely result in stripped color; this is where Cream Silk’s sulfate-free formula comes in. Cream Silk's Triple Keratin Rescue Color Protect Series deeply nourishes hair, while maintaining hair color. The triple keratin formula also helps protect the hair against structural damage, enhancing the strength of your tresses.



Incorporating purple pigment is a must for blonde and lightened hair to avoid unwanted brassiness. Cream Silk’s Ultimate Bleach Enhance has a sulfate-free formula that neutralizes yellow/orange undertones with just one wash for a more radiant color! It's formulated with Anti-Discoloration Technology, specially designed to help neutralize brassy tones. This highly concentrated purple conditioner deeply nourishes hair, for ultimately beautiful blonde hair that lasts.


There really is a rising popularity in more playful tones, with Gen Z driving the market for more expressive and unique hair tones, often inspired by TikTok. 


You can really get the hair color of your dreams with Cream Silk’s Ultimate Color Revive. This ultra conditioner for dark and vibrant dyed hair seals in and locks the color inside each strand for longer color retention. With improved color protect technology, it helps color last 2x longer. Hair takes on a completely different quality; brunettes are more radiant and redheads are more vibrant! 


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If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge, Cream Silk’s ultra-hardworking Triple Keratin Rescue Colour Protect Series is here to put your mind at ease for your mane character moment!


Shop Cream Silk’s Triple Keratin Rescue Colour Protect Series via Lazada, Shopee, TikTokWatsons and select leading stores nationwide.  To stay updated on all things Cream Silk, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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