2022 Dating Trends for the Single and Coupled

2022 Dating Trends for the Single and Coupled

Whether you’re proudly self-partnered or all loved up, here are dating ideas and trends for the year ahead



PSA: 2022 is the year to start dating (again)! Relationship experts think so, too, as a dating renaissance has emerged amid the pandemic. In the Philippines specifically, the online dating scene is flourishing, especially now that organic ways to meet people face-to-face are limited, and we're challenged to get creative with our dating ideas. Recent studies of online dating app Bumble reveal how over half (53%) of Filipinos surveyed are looking for a committed, serious relationship. Meanwhile, almost half (49%) believe it’s possible to fall in love through dating apps. Traditional views on dating are slowly dwindling, giving both men and women an equal playing field. 


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For singles, or as Emma Watson has coined as “self-partnered,” they are adapting to the ever-changing dating landscape and getting creative with available resources, in the hopes of forming connections even through a screen. New dating habits have materialized, for both singles and those in a relationship, in the wake of a pandemic. This includes the official new stage of dating—the video date—with one in five singles going on video dates before actually pursuing meetups. This also helps both parties get a compatibility gut check before an IRL date!



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Dating Ideas: Intentional Dating 

For the new year, we’re seeing dating trends from the past year resurface, like being intentional when it comes to pursuing relationships. Singles have pursued intentional dating in the pandemic, becoming more mindful about their approach to dating, with much time to self-isolate and reflect. 


Hinge, a recently launched dating app “designed to be deleted,” is flourishing, built on the belief that “anyone looking for love should be able to find it.” The platform is built on an acclaimed Nobel-Prize-winning algorithm created by a team of professional relationship scientists, with the sole purpose of providing evidence-based dating insights to help its users find love. They theorize that an increased sense of self-awareness and empathy gained during the pandemic is encouraging singles to be more intentional.


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Respecting Boundaries & Comfort Levels 

Navigating dating in a pandemic is tricky, especially nowadays with COVID-19 cases resurging. Hinge collaborated with US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to help singles struggling with loneliness in a pandemic. He shares, “Our relationships are as important as ever, and we don’t have to give up on dating or relationships. There are tools to help make dating safer during the pandemic, and with open communication with your partners, you can still pursue those relationships, helping to make sure that we are healthy, strong and happy during this pandemic and long afterward.”


Being open about your comfort levels with a potential partner is extremely important. This will be different for everyone, of course, and it may even change day to day. Check in with yourself (and your date!) to make sure you’re making the right decision. Don’t forget to date with kindness and respect, too! Consent 101: Consent should be clear, specific and freely given.



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The year’s dating buzzword is “oystering,” and no, it has nothing to do with fishing! It comes from the phrase, “the world is your oyster.” It's a defining trend for singles who want to take back the fun of dating after a breakup. The new year, after all, offers a clean slate in life’s many aspects. No more looking back at old photos with the ex (archive them, bestie!) and rereading old messages. Dating should be fun, and the act should empower you to focus on yourself and, in the process, heal.


Pro-tip: Take your time processing your break-up before jumping into another relationship! 


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Whether you’re proudly self-partnered and focusing on yourself this year or all loved up, 2022 is full of dating ideas and possibilities. If you’re looking to get out there, you got this! Here’s a success story to inspire and keep you going. 



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