We Highlight Homegrown Talent, Hypercasual Gaming and more on Wonder Tech Talk

We Highlight Homegrown Talent, Hypercasual Gaming and more on Wonder Tech Talk

DITO Telecommunity launches “GALING DITO,” Tinder reveals an in-app safety feature and more in this month’s edition of Wonder Tech Talk



Missed Wonder Tech Talk? We’re ushering in the month of Pride and Independence with the latest in tech. This June, we highlight DITO Telecommunity’s campaign, which discovers and empowers homegrown talents, Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global’s collaboration to elevate the hypercasual gaming experience and more.


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Tinder Launches Dedicated in-app Safety Center in the Philippines

This is available to all members, helping encourage a healthy dating culture in the country


Many factors contribute to an individual’s overall dating experience, most prominently health and safety, which can impact their well-being and can leaving a lasting impression. Tinder is furthering their efforts in protecting their members by launching a comprehensive in-app Safety Center in the Philippines. With this constantly evolving feature, members get access to tools to help encourage a safe dating culture in the country, offering educational resources, as well as a list of local NGOs and hotlines providing support.



Over the past several years, Tinder has constantly worked closely with the Match Group Advisory Council (MGAC), as well as NGOs to continue building features and processes that nurture a safe dating experience among its members. Bernadette Morgan, Director, Trust & Safety Product at Tinder, shares, “Every day, millions of our members trust us to introduce them to new people, and we’re committed to building safety features that meet the needs of today’s online dating communities.”


To access the Safety Center, just open the app, tap the profile icon and select “Safety.” The goal of each local Safety Center is to centralize safety-related resources and provide avenues of support that connect members in need with relevant experts.


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Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global Team Up for mgames chatbot on Viber

Elevating your hypercasual gaming experience


Given our ever-evolving (see: shortening) attention span, hypercasual gaming can provide much needed entertainment to smartphone users—even non-gamers—during in-between moments of our days.


Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global elevate the hypercasual gaming experience by introducing free, easy-to-play games for users in Asia Pacific on the world’s leading messaging app through mgames, a casual gaming platform. Choose from an extensive catalog of 70 games, with more to be introduced every month, for all kinds of users.

The hypercasual gaming experience from Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global caters to incredible word masters and thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies to fantastic puzzle solvers and competitive racers, or even just happy-go-lucky screen tappers. Try it on your own, or play with family and friends!



Start playing on Viber and create private lobbies to share the fun!


To know more about mgames on Viber, visit and


DITO Celebrates Pinoy Pride with “GALING DITO” Movement

Discovering and empowering homegrown talents


The newest telco player in town, DITO Telecommunity, celebrates and empowers homegrown Filipino talents through its major digital platform GALING DITO. In celebration of Independence Day, the movement aims to recognize up-and-coming artists, content creators and music enthusiasts who embrace their roots and, ultimately, showcase unrivaled passion and creativity.



To kick off the movement, Filipinos from all over the country take center stage in a proudly Pinoy music video, showcasing the country’s picturesque landscapes and diverse talent. Among the talents featured in the catchy video are singer Marga Jayy, rapper February Bank, dance group Femme Manila, the Buganda Drum Beaters, Ilocos-based rapper Fairy Flojo, Cebu-based rapper Cookie$, P-Pop boy group 13C and many more!


This modern form of bayanihan (patriotism) emboldens Filipino talents to create and embrace their local heritage.


To know more about the “GALING DITO” movement, visit the official Facebook page of DITO or and


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Garmin Smartwatches For Your Every Mood

Feeling adventurous? Or just need a smart wearable for every day?


Smartwatches have been so essential, not only for digital-savvy users but for everyday folks to track their health, wellness and activity. It also optimizes productivity in the virtual realm, be it for work, content creation or entertainment! Garmin’s diverse smart wearables can catch up with you, whether you’re on a daily workout or on a spontaneous diving adventure!

Need a smartwatch that effortlessly takes charge of your everyday health and wellness? The Garmin vívosmart® 5 is a comfortable, easy-to-read smart fitness tracker designed for users seeking a simple solution to monitoring their wellbeing. It tracks the basics, too, like steps, calories burned and sleep score, plus includes a variety of built-in sports apps for physical activities.


For adventures all-year-round as you “revenge travel,” take the game-changing Garmin Descent G1 Solar with you. It’s engineered for endurance and designed to be daring, both for underwater and topside adventures. The top-of-the-line watch-style dive computer features innovative dive technology, 24/7 health and wellness features, smartwatch functionality and optional solar charging, all packed into a rugged, bold design.


Shop Garmin on their Garmin Brand Stores,, Lazada, Shopee and the Garmin PH Viber Community.



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