Johnnie Walker Princes Street Finally Opens Its Door

Johnnie Walker Princes Street Finally Opens Its Door

And it serves hundreds of unique flavor combinations and,  for us spectators, a shot of hope



The world might have been forced to slow down, but the one thing our current circumstances can’t take away from us is hope. Hope that one day, we will be alright, see the world again and connect with strangers-turned-friends. But while we wait, we’re keeping tabs on all the good news we can find.


Early this month, the world’s best-selling whisky, Johnnie Walker, opened the doors of Johnnie Walker Princes Street right at the heart of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh. Here, visitors from all over the world can experience Johnnie in a new and exciting way. 


Johnnie Walker Princes Street Finally Opens Its Door


With top-of-the-line technology, the traditional whisky tour experience is made personal. It allows guests to take a trip through the vast eight-floor space through Johnnie flavors and tastes tailored to them. This level of personalization ensures you make the most out of the experience and enjoy every moment of it. But it also doesn’t mean that once you’ve been, you shouldn’t go again. Johnnie Walker Princes Street prides itself on over 800 flavor combinations that a person could visit every day for more than two years and not have the same experience twice!


What’s more, the place itself sits on so much history. Setting its roots in a 100-year-old department store, Johnnie Walker Princes Street is home to some of the most unique whisky casks in the world. Bring home a piece of history with you and fill your bottle directly from the casks and have it engraved with your name or the date of your visit. 


Johnnie Walker Princes Street Finally Opens Its Door


But the best part is perhaps that Johnnie opened its doors with a Green Tourism Gold Award—the highest sustainability accolade for a visitor attraction. It features lovely roof terrace planters that provide herbs for the drinks, a sedum roof covering and bird boxes to encourage biodiversity.


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As the centerpiece of Diageo’s financial efforts, it’s nice to know that they put a lot of thought into the experience and the impact it has on the environment. Barbara Smith, Managing Director of Johnnie Walker Princes Street, has this to say, “We’re thrilled to be opening the doors and helping to rebuild the tourism and hospitality industry after a very difficult 18 months.”


And though the future still seems uncertain on this side of the world, we have hope that we, too, will rise from adversity. In the meantime and in the words of Johnnie Walker, we just have to Keep Walking. 



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