The OPPO Reno8 5G Series: Making The Nights *That* Much Better

The OPPO Reno8 5G Series: Making The Nights *That* Much Better

OPPO’s Portrait Master deserves the accolades



A decade ago, the smartphone industry wasn’t as crowded as it is now. Back then, the choices were simpler. But now that the likes of OPPO have joined in and continue to make waves with every release, there is no turning back. After all, more choices mean a better user experience for us all. You just have to find the one that fits your needs.


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The OPPO Reno8 5G has a flagship design aesthetic to go along with its superior camera functionality. It’s not just great to hold and carry along with you, it’s efficient and effective in what it promises to do. Endearingly (and rightfully) dubbed the Portrait Master, this device takes everything up a notch.


Let’s talk specs: the Reno8 5G’s camera system is fitted with Dual Sony Flagship IMX766 and IMX709 sensors, and is kept powered by an 80W SUPERVOOC with Battery Health Engine. It has a unibody design for that premium look, offered in Shimmer Gold or Shimmer Black, has 5G connectivity and ColorOS 12.1 to help enhance productivity, personalization and privacy.


Needless to say, the Reno8 5G is a great partner to have with you—from the start of the day to the end of the evening. Whether you’re working nine hours or enjoying a few happy hour cocktails, work, browse, watch and snap to your heart’s content without worrying about things like RAM, memory and low light.



But because it is the Portrait Master, let’s talk a little bit more about that camera system. The front 32MP camera has a Sony IMX709 RGBW sensor; you can barely tell it’s a front-facing camera when you’re taking your selfies. So mount it against the wall or your desk, and take as many photos as you (or your friends) desire. Meanwhile, the rear system has a 50MP Main Camera and a Sony IMX766 Sensor, which shines best during the evenings.



I can’t quite explain how, but the photos taken with the OPPO Reno8 5G come out crisper. They’re bright without being exaggerated, and it’s still evident that you’re trying to preserve a memory from those sundown moments. No sacrifices are made—and it’s not just for photos.


The device has an Ultra Night Video feature, which automatically detects ambient light. So it’s not just about the static snaps you’re taking, the videos end up great, too.


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Work, study, play, snap and record to your heart’s content with the OPPO Reno8 5G. Make the most of your experiences by actually experiencing them instead of getting worried—there's no need to second guess any of the output.



Learn more about the OPPO Reno8 5G here.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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