We Finally Have A Sex Therapy App Thanks To Unprude

We Finally Have A Sex Therapy App Thanks To Unprude

It’s about damn time


When I was younger, sex wasn’t something that was openly discussed. I still remember the first time I had a conversation with my friends about it. We had a sleepover well into college, and the question just came up: “Are you guys still virgins?” Most of us said yes. We asked those who said “no” what it was like, and they turned a shade of red I will never forget. It took a few years more to finally feel comfortable enough to talk about it.


But to this day, I wonder what it would have been like for us all if we had a proper outlet to talk about our younger experiences, if we could have better prepared ourselves for that inevitable day (or night). I wonder if knowing about it and talking about it could have saved us all the shame of having experienced it.


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Fortunately, the tides are turning. Unprude has put another hat on its head, and has officially launched a sex therapy-based app available in the Philippines, Singapore, United States and Canada—and is the first in Asia to do so.


“There is something deeply isolating about facing issues related to sex and relationships,” says Unprude Founder and CEO, Doc Rica Cruz. “These are some of the most common challenges we all face, yet the shame associated with discussing them often leaves people feeling alone in their struggles.”


Enter: the Unprude App

Providing an avenue for women to embrace their sexual selves, this pioneering app provides users with a culturally-grounded and personalized program based on Cruz’s research on sexual identity, pleasure and relationships. “Culturally-grounded” needs emphasis here; because most of the research online leads us to western thought, experiences and practices.


But what’s in it?

There’s a lot, as there should be. So let’s go:

  1. Self-paced and personalized curriculum
    There’s an Unprude quiz to take, which allows users to receive their own individualized program. Tailored to personal experiences, sexual stage and goals, you can go through your own program at your own pace
    ‎‎ ‎
  2. Expert insights
    The key word is: experts! Rid yourself of second guesses, and listen to the people who know what they’re talking about: sexual health and mental health
  3. Unprude Conversations
    Podcasts—we love them. Listen in to women who want to share their stories on love, life, lust and loss
  4. Audio guidance
    Check out the guided meditations that empower you to let go of sexual shame, that help heal trauma and spark arousal
  5. Guided reflections
    We all know the importance of self-reflection, but we all need a little help once in a while. So partake in these thoughtful exercises that will allow you to process your thoughts and feelings, and guide you to self-awareness and acceptance
  6. Comprehensive Sex Ed
    Let’s all say it: finally. Get trustworthy resources and information on questions about sex, contraception, love and overall relationships—and stop digging through those forums
  7. Fun and exciting games
    Sex is supposed to be fun! And learning about it should be no different


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It’s about damn time

While I grew up conservatively and once joined in on hushed gossip about who had done the deed at one party or another, that time is well behind me. And fortunately for the rest of us, so is the time of sex being taboo. Let’s talk about it.


Catch you at Unprude.


Unprude is now available for download for free at Google Play Store, with the option to subscribe to Unprude Premium (do it). For more information, visit Unrpude’s official website.



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