Wonder Fresh February 2023: (Self) Love Is the Word

Wonder Fresh February 2023: (Self) Love Is the Word

Kicking off love month with some romantic tunes for those who are self-partnered or all loved up



Welcome back to Wonder Fresh, our monthly roundup of tunes to listen to. For February, we’re bringing back side A and side B playlists for everyone to enjoy.


We’re only three days into February, but we all know what we can expect in the coming days. Almost every storefront will be dripping in reds, pinks and hearts, blasting romantic tunes. Giving chocolates has become a tradition, and our consumption of sweets and flowers might just be at an all-time high thanks to Valentine’s Day. While its general existence doesn’t make me lurch as much as it used to, I’m still happily spending it alone. At least there’s an overwhelming list of musical releases that center on self-love because being self-partnered is something to celebrate, too.


On the flip side though, who are we to deny ourselves the dopamine rush of romance? That toe-curling, heart-thrumming, soaring feeling we all want to experience. Whether you’re all loved up and experiencing it firsthand or getting your dose of kilig through something else, Valentine’s Day also gives us a good excuse to celebrate love in all its forms. 


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So for this month’s Wonder Fresh, we're bringing back the side A and side B for those who want to bask in self-love and romance. 


Side A: (Self) Love


To kick off her debut album, Chlöe releases Pray It Away, a gospel-infused R&B track that boasts another side to her colorful vocal chops. She sings about going to church as she mulls over retaliating against her ex, sitting opposite SZA’s viral Kill Bill. The layers of vocals and harmonies will have you going down her road, where it means protecting your peace. Meanwhile, overplayed-ness be damned because Miley Cyrus’ Flowers still hits the spot. Supposedly chockful of digs at ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, as pointed out by the internet, her response to Bruno Mars’s When I Was Your Man makes it a worthy self-love anthem—an excellent entry for this side of February’s Wonder Fresh.


Meanwhile, Kiana V, Curtismith and DJ Nix Damn P talk about prioritizing their selves and mental health awareness in I Want To Be Here. The smooth R&B single, in partnership with Konsulta MD, doubles as a sonic pick-me-up while validating what everyone goes through. Speaking of mood boosters, Japanese girl group XG comes in hot with Shooting Star. The perfect balance of edgy and sweet, the twinkling R&B track makes you feel like you’re shining along with them. To close off this side, FELIP (commonly known as SB19’s Ken) releases Rocksta, a dark and moody single dripping with self-confidence. Consider this Palayo’s more confident counterpart, one who takes no shit at all.


Side B: Love Is The Word


Feeling all loved up and excited? K-Pop boyband Tomorrow X Together comes back with Sugar Rush Ride, an upbeat track with slick guitar riffs and a satisfying anti-drop. Fall into the devilish temptations of love to this high-octane song. Next, keep the mood up with Zack Tabudlo’s Akin Ka, a perfect introduction to his new era. The suave and infectious disco track will have you feeling like you’re falling in love all over again, best for rekindling much-needed sparks this love month. And if you’re at a loss for words when articulating your kilig, recruit the help of pop duo joan through nervous. The dreamy track perfectly defines the stuttering rush that comes with liking someone, a classic experience we can never avoid for long.


Of course, love has its quieter moments. So soften the mood with the help of none other than Taylor Swift. While we’ve enjoyed Midnights for a good few months already, the woman of the decade just released the hazy music video to Lavender Haze, making it count as a Valentine’s Day love song. Don’t let the naysayers and social media get in the way of your relationship, and stay in that lavender haze. We’re closing this playlist off with One Click Straight’s MRT, one of the earlier songs released from their self-titled album. The song’s simple instrumental but detailed mixing effectively captures finding the thrill of love in the mundane, even if it’s just a trip on the train.


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Got any song recommendations we should put on Wonder Fresh? Drop them in the comments below!


On top of providing hot playlists to listen to whatever season, Wonder also brings you essential conversations about sex and relationships. So tap in and read up, especially as we go into love month. 



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