We Asked Five Creators To Share Their Beauty Secrets

We Asked Five Creators To Share Their Beauty Secrets

From triple cleansing to manifestation frequencies, here are beauty secrets from your favorite creatives



Every day, we wake up in the same skin. This is a universal experience that all people in the world share, but what keeps it interesting is the differing ways that we take care of our own. A person’s approach to beauty depends on numerous factors, one of these being their work environment. With this, we asked various creators to share their beauty secrets!


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Denise Julia

Denise Julia sings a lot about stressful experiences like recovering from situationships and dealing with fuckboys. As if breaking hearts and ruining lives aren’t enough, they can cause skin damage, too. It’s true—stress can cause acne, redness and fine lines. But how come she doesn’t seem to have much of it?



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Denise Julia’s secret? She tells Wonder, “I listen to a lot of manifestation frequencies for beauty, health, auras and [avoiding] negativities.” In short, she leaves no room for superficial energy. This goes to show that, like the young R&B singer, being in touch with yourself can help you combat stress and express your feelings, which eventually radiates and makes you glow brighter than any man can.


Kyla Kingsu

A typical workday in Kyla Kingsu’s life involves standing in front of bright lights with a full face of glam. As you probably know by now, most lights can damage our skin the way UV rays do and makeup can cause problems such as clogged pores and breakouts. Kyla’s beauty secret comes as no surprise as she shares, “A good glam look for me always starts with a good base, so I’m someone who’s very much into skincare. I follow a strict routine before and after makeup.”



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The host and courtside reporter has several steps to prep her skin before getting dolled up. And when the rewarding end of her day comes, Kyla says, “I make sure to double or even triple cleanse.” There truly is so much effort that goes into looking effortless, and it’s all a matter of discipline and commitment!


Clare Inso

Clare Inso further builds on the idea that beauty is not absolutely external (though she is undeniably pretty to begin with). From representing Lapu-Lapu in the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 pageant to being a musician and content creator, time is not always on her side. But despite being booked and busy, Clare devotes space to maintain her beauty by “[having] good sleep, [drinking] enough water and sweating out.”



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She emphasizes, “If you sweat out, I feel like it does wonders.” This applies not only to the appearance of your skin or the shape of your body but also to the way you feel. Prioritizing your beauty routine is surely not one of those petty things.


Chezka Carandang

Soulmates as they are, Chezka Carandang shares the same beauty secrets as her partner, Clare. There is one thing Chezka would like to add though: sunblock. She is a pilot, after all.



Through her TikTok, we see her love and passion for aviation—enough to make us want to book our next flight right away. But just like any other industry, it has its downsides, one of these being exposure to more radiation than usual. Sunblock is the key to protecting skin from harmful rays, and it’s a non-negotiable step whether you’re flying in the skies, floating on water or walking on land.


Rxandy Capinpin

As a photography instructor and creative director, Rxandy Capinpin’s Instagram feed can pass as a high fashion photo album. This is surely a product of hard work; after all, he is no stranger to working long hours. His key to staying fresh? “I’m into super [skin-like finishes] right now, so [I mostly use] BB and CC creams only,” adding that these help make pores look filtered!



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Rxandy is no gatekeeper—he let us in on one more beauty secret, which is mastering the different placements of blush. Ever so ready, he even showed us the many blush guides saved on his phone. He shares that his favorite technique is applying blush until the end of the eyebrows to achieve a snatched and lifted look.


What are your beauty secrets?



Words Kyla Villena

Art Macky Arquilla

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