Jellytime: Our New Bedroom Staple

Jellytime: Our New Bedroom Staple

Have you had your Jellytime yet?



There are certain things you only do with certain people in certain places. And when we’re talking the art of pleasure, this circle becomes even smaller—unless you have a knack (and want) for a bigger circle, that is. Either way, let us introduce you to Jellytime, which is quickly becoming one of our bedroom staples. 


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What is Jellytime? 

Jellytime is a sexual wellness brand with a vision to “change the landscape of conversation and create safe spaces around sex and pleasure.” It was founded by Isabelle Daza and Ava Daza; the sisters having even started their own podcast about sex and sexual wellness.


But while Jellytime gets their feet wet (pun intended), they’re starting things off with a promising little product: a water-based lubricant. 


What is a personal lubricant?

Okay, here’s the thing that people need to understand: when it comes to sex and masturbation, you can’t just use any lubricant. I’ve read stories about couples using conditioner and men using soap, but can we please stop? We’re adults now; let’s make it a point to know and do better. 


A personal lubricant is one that’s designed primarily for sex and masturbation. Ideally, the right lubricant will reduce the friction that these acts produce. And I mean, sometimes a lady’s wetness just isn’t there—as much as men just aren’t always rock-hard.


Jellytime: Our New Bedroom Staple Jellytime: Our New Bedroom Staple


But what is so great about the Jellytime option?

Personal lubricants come in different variants: silicone-based, water-based, oil-based and hybrid. Jellytime’s lube is water-based, which means it washes off easily and feels quite natural. Sure, you might need to reapply it after some time as it dries faster, but I’ll take that over a sticky feeling any day.


And then, of course, there is the fact that this product is FDA approved, hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, paraben-free and odorless. I’m not sure what it is about manufactured smells that make the whole act a little less…natural. 


But wait, a bit of a warning

The lube, right now, only sells in 50mL tubes. So if you’re the type to slather it on, just be prepared to stash multiple tubes at a time. Good thing it looks cute (and subtle) on a bedside table!


Jellytime: Our New Bedroom Staple


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Like we said, when it comes to bedroom shenanigans, it might be best to keep some things to a minimum. So keep the favorite staples within your reach: a good toy, a great lube and a partner (if you’re lucky). 



Get wet with your own Jellytime by ordering from official website, or Lazada or Shopee stores. 



Art Alexandra Lara


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