Upcoming Young TikTok Personalities To Watch Out For

Upcoming Young TikTok Personalities To Watch Out For

Keep your eyes peeled for these TikTok personalities



The media is an ever-evolving space. Especially for those who grew up with the internet, we’ve cycled through different eras of the online space. We started out with our Friendster and Myspace accounts, played Pet Society on Facebook, fawned over our favorite ships on Tumblr, religiously followed fashion blogs, watched comical skits on YouTube and uploaded our cheesy, overly-filtered photos on Instagram. Remember when Instagram had a brown camera for its logo? Those were the days.


New formats of media have been popularized over the past few years; think short-form and real-time content. Platforms like Snapchat, Be.real, Clubhouse and Kumu have introduced different ways of social communication. Though a number of these platforms are relatively new and perhaps even niche, this shift is definitely making its waves through the social media landscape. Features like stories and live videos have become mainstays in the OG social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and short-form vertical videos are the next biggest integration, thanks to TikTok and choice TikTok personalities.


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As part of the Generation Z, we’ve lived and breathed social media growing up. It’s only fitting that the forerunners of the newest wave of creators are from our generation, too. Yes, ma, kakakompyuter namin ‘to (yes, ma, this is because of how much time we spend on the computer).


There’s a rewarding, even liberating, feeling to it: to be able to create content like the media mavens we looked up to growing up. Thanks to social media, we get to make our mark. With that being said, here are our favorite up-and coming Filipino TikTok personalities:


Gigiboy Jose (@itsgigiboy)

We love satire, but especially if it hits close to home—and by home in this case, we mean Ateneo. @itsgigiboy pokes fun at conyo Atenean culture, from accents to fuccbois and even pretentious know-it-all students. These days, he branches out with beauty content as well.


@itsgigiboi cmon homegrowns? ib: @ohwowchiara @sophiedvt_ ♬ original sound || IG: @itsgigiboi – gigi


Zoie Garcia (@lunarzo)

Filipina it girls? We love to see it! 😍 @lunarzo gives us perfect style inspiration with her Pinterest-worthy aesthetic, complete with trendy outfits, seamless transitions and Instagram-worthy photos.


@lunarzo get ready for my la girl era 😌 #fyp #tiktokfashion ♬ Follow me or else – ☆


Yani Villarosa (@yanihatesu)

We love the unpretentious side of the internet, and @yanihatesu reigns in this space. We say “shallow” as a compliment; not the stuck-up and conceited type of shallow, but the sabaw kind of shallow that comes from staring into space. It seems senseless, but when you think of it—is it really? Her content is hilariously thought-provoking.


@yanihatesuplssss 🥺😔👉🏼👈🏼♬ original sound – Yani


Sofia Jahrls (@jahrls)

Ispageti? 🍝 Though @jharls’ most liked video is a remake on Vice Ganda and Awra Briguela’s scene in Super Parental Guardians, her content usually centers on dance TikToks and popular audio trends, all while looking super fashionable and polished. Besides—there’s something about her that’s so…expensive. 💸💅🏼


@jahrls ispageti sa xylo w the real voice of this audio @awrabriguela ♬ original sound – KiraPH Zepeto – kiraphzepeto on IG


Mike Miguel (@mikewillfly)

@mikewillfly has already established himself as the aesthetic lifestyle and home content creator on Instagram, and he brings his signature aesthetic to TikTok. Though a lot of creators tend to take an informal approach on this platform, Mike Miguel retains his classy and refined style with all his videos, no matter how short they are. If you’re looking to romanticize local living, his account is the place to be.


@mikewillfly_ Sharing where my family and I always spend our summer outings🏝 #beach #bolinao #pangasinan #veuebeachcabins #airbnbph #airbnbfinds #summer ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim


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June and July Home (@juneandjulyhome)

This popular home goods store has made its way to TikTok! Run by a husband and wife, they manage to hide their identity as a camera-shy couple while still being able to share intimate moments of their life. Their form takes notes from Korean homemaking content: think warm tones, soothing music and mundane beauty. On this channel, they share snippets of their daily life from movie dates, wedding BTS and road trips.


@juneandjulyhome👻👻♬ original sound – juneandjulyhome


CLEO LOQUE (@cleoloque)

@cleoloque is the founder of Hiraya Pilipina, an advocacy brand, and Kwentuhang Pilipina, a youth-oriented podcast. She shares snippets of her life from her love for books, her brand’s products, as well as her life as a business founder and podcast host.


@cleoloqueDate alone vlog is now out on YT!! 🥺💐✨♬ original sound – CLEO LOQUE


Shaira (

This one’s for the skincare and self-care queens. 🧖🏻‍♀️💅🏼’s content centers around skincare and makeup, from hacks on how to maximize your eye masks to makeup trends. She gives her take on global and local beauty trends that suit both morenas and Chinitas. trying the #paulunatingmakeup look!! I don’t have falsies lang but I tried!! #dewymakeup #makeupchallenge ♬ pov – Ariana Grande


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Nellah Ocampo (@katsudone)

Designers on TikTok >>> @katsudone shares snippets of her daily life, from her college life to her favorite pet-friendly cafes. All her mini-vlogs are pleasing to the eyes, complete with title frames for each one. It’s no surprise that she’s worked for Canva as an intern given how talented she is with graphic design.


@katsudone_ lit rally cried the entire day 🥲 thank you for the best 6 months canva! i’ll miss ya 💜 #canvalife #canvaph #minivlog #foryou ♬ mrs magic – solartunne


Jeanette Ong (@itsjeanetteong)

This fashionable TikToker runs through her daily fits, and gives style tips based on current events, such as neutral election day fits or graduation day outfits. Contrary to most fashion content creators who lean more towards Y2K fashion (we love them still, though!), @itsjeanetteong’s fashion leans towards the elegant.


@itsjeanette the passport photo trend but fashion version 🤍😆 #passportphoto #passportphotooutfits #passport #outfit #outfitideas #outfitidea #smartcasual #smartcasualoutfits #style #styleinspo #grwm #PHashionista ♬ What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction



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What are your thoughts on this new wave of content creators and TikTok personalities? Any favorites you want to share?



Words Gwyneth King

Art Matthew Ian Fetavler


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