Wonder Fresh: Team Wonder’s End of the Year Playlist

Wonder Fresh: Team Wonder’s End of the Year Playlist

Team Wonder shares songs that got them through 2022



If there’s one thing that Team Wonder will unanimously agree on, it’s really, really great music. On-ground shoots feel lackluster without speakers blasting mood-making tunes; plus who are we to reject an expansive checklist of party tunes? The team doesn’t discriminate—all songs from different locations and genres always have a welcome spot in our playlists. That’s because, according to our books anyway, greatness isn’t always measured by the technicalities. It’s the feeling, the comfort or the place a song transports you once you hit play.


So for our last Wonder Fresh for the year, Team Wonder shares songs that got them throughs 2022. This playlist is a sentimental recap, a way to look at how music helped the team get by through the small rough patches or the taller hills we had to climb. So without further adieu, we bring you Wonder Fresh: Team Wonder’s End of the Year Playlist:


Adie, Group Content Lead

You're On Your Own, Kid by Taylor Swift

The title of this song says plenty, but Taylor Swift has this thing about her lyrics that makes you believe they were written from your personal memories.
Just petty-ly including this to say that, coming from Don't Worry Darling, Harry should stick to music. Thank you.

As It Was by Harry Styles


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Wi, Social Media Lead

= (Equal Sign) by J-Hope

Not to be dramatic, but I remember just putting this song on loop and listening to it for about 10 times (or more), and it just… magically turned a weird day around. Thank you for Jack in the Box, Jung Hoseok.

Best song in Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE album, hands down. Partying with friends? Play Cuff It. Wedding dance? Play Cuff It. Need a regular weekday mood booster? Play. Cuff It. Trust us, it works every time.

CUFF IT by Beyoncé


Elisa, Content Lead for Beauty and Features

Be My Own Boyfriend by Olivia Dean

The Weeknd‘s Out of Time may be my most played single this year, but Olivia Dean's Be My Own Boyfriend encapsulates my newfound appreciation for life as a single woman in her 30s. Maybe after all this time seeking out a relationship, cliché as it may sound, I just needed to return to myself and learn what that love looks like.
Definitely the single I've cried to the most this 2022 after the greatest heartbreak of my life. There's a sense of resentment for the need to “replicate” the love you once had for a person; there's also that great sense of hope in finding the courage to love again.

In A Stranger’s Arms by LÉON


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Kai, News and Trends Writer

Ditto by NewJeans

There's something about Ditto that puts you in a trance. Is it NewJeans’ sweet voices? The almost perfect production? Either way, listening to the song is an out-of-body experience. Might just even like this more than Hype Boy.

ena mori has a lot of soul-hitting bops, but this song, in particular, makes me feel so many emotions rushing all at once. The only way to describe it is the same way Lorde's Greenlight makes me want to run through a field for hours on end.

WHITE ROOM by ena mori


Fets, Multimedia Artist

How Can I Not Know What I Need Right Now by Charli XCX

The way Miss Xbox simultaneously made another crying-in-the-club anthem for the girls to break down to while teaching the children the days of the week? That’s mother.

twigs singlehandedly inventing the concept of desire leading to suffering? Plus that spoken intro and twigs whispering her sun, moon and venus placements? She’s just like me.

Meta Angel by FKA twigs


Fia, Social Media Content Specialist

WYAT (Where You At) by SB19

Basically, this disco pop song is about your disconnection and reconnection to the world. In short, I play this song whenever I feel lazy or unproductive.
As someone who entered the K-Pop life after Big Bang announced their hiatus, I never knew that their comeback song would give me so much feels. I mean, ONE comeback song is not enough—we need a full album please.

Still Life by BIGBANG


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Take your pick or listen to the playlist in full on Spotify:




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